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Real Estate Software/Property Management Software - Kaizen REMAS

At A&M Consulting Ltd, we have specialized in providing cutting edge Real Estate IT solutions tailored to your needs, customers and goals. Our software is designed specifically to help today's Real Estate professionals work more efficiently and effectively, with the aim of providing the tools and information necessary to improve and maximize profits.

It includes a completely integrated accounting system that offers it’s simple to use interface, powerful features, flexible customization options and reporting tools that integrates seamlessly with a powerful property management software reporting tools that integrates seamlessly with a powerful property management software system.

Ours is a fully integrated, easy-to-use and cost effective Real Estate software for any size of business (Large, Medium or Small) to Manage All Real Estate Business Activities. Our software is packaged as a service to our clients meaning we will offer 24*7 maintenance and support.

Our software has the following modules which are fully integrated;

1. Property Management &Related Accounting Module(VAT Compliant);
2. Valuation Module
3. Agency & Marketing Module;
4. Web Portals
5. Construction Project Management Module
6. Office Module

Inter-Branch Net-Ready - Our product suite is also for companies that have branches over a geographical region. This solution is adapted to making it possible for our clients to maintain a real-time working environment wherever they are within the branches.

Technology is helping Real estate managers exploit ever-greater amounts of data to make smarter decisions and develop the insights that create competitive advantages and new business models. Our Mission is to provide the best and highest quality of service in property management solutions using the latest technology and human resources.

Focusing on continuous improvement, we are dedicated to carry on with upgrading and improving our software -the software for today’s real-estate firms.



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