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About Us – A&M Consulting


We are the leading provider of bespoke business software solutions (Real Estate ERP Software, Property Management Software, Revenue Collection Software & Mobile Payments and Integration Software) in East Africa. We leverage on our Ten year plus IT expertise to create a solid software foundation for our clients. Whether you want to continue with our existing software projects or create new one from scratch, our knowledge and well-organized development process will lead you to successful execution of your ideas.
We believe that building credibility and long-term relationships with clients as well as our organized approach to every task and great expertise are the keys to our company’s success.

Our Approach

At A&M Consulting Ltd our dedicated team are involved throughout the project process; from the early meetings with a client through to production of the software or application. Our design process keeps the client fully in control – with the number of concept designs and iterations of rework agreed in advance. Our deep professional knowledge and rich expertise allows us to take on and cope with complicated tasks requiring creative and novel technical solutions.

Our Values

Idea and Excellence; Customer Centric; Collaboration; work efficiency; Highest Moral & ethical Principals; Motivation &growth

Our Team

Our motivated, creative and enthusiastic team has the necessary niche skills and deep expertise to deliver solutions to our clients. The team includes industry experts, accountants and entrepreneurs who are passionate to delivering results to our clients. The collective experience and commitment of our people in answering millions of customer queries means that we more often than not understand the problems our customers face today and tomorrow.


AT A&M Consulting, confidentiality of your project and security of your data is of paramount importance. We have put in place competent measures to ensure security of our Client’s data. Methods used include technology and signing of None Disclosure Agreements (NDA) with our clients and our own employees.

Why Choose Us

Proficient Team... Creative Solutions... Deliver on time... 24/7 Support... Vast Experience



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